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Project Portfolio

2023 ANHE Nursing Summit ▪ LSSBB Project ▪ Code Blue for Patient Earth ▪ NAM's Earth Day Campaign

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2023 ANHE Nursing Summit

The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE) aims to engage nurses in environmental health issues. For this reason, ANHE held a summit to give nurses a space to speak about environmental health. Jo spoke on a panel to advocate for climate health. She focused on leadership and innovation values in relation to environmental health. 

LSSBB Project

A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) certification means that a professional has the ability to fill leadership roles and can assist their organization in fulfilling their goals. For an LSSBB improvement project, Jo aimed to reduce Carbon Emissions at a midwestern academic-medical center

Before this project, there was no process in place to measure baseline greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or maintain a GHG inventory to reduce emissions at this health system. For this reason, Jo initiated GHG baseline-measurement and reduction procedures, conducted accountability training for health-system staff, and created a cost-efficient way to implement these procedures at ten other hospitals within the health system. 

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Code Blue for Patient Earth

Jo is a Doctor of Nursing Practice student at the University of Minnesota and one of the student members of the Code Blue for Patient Earth planning committee. For this reason, Jo was the moderator for a conference between these groups. These committees are known for their dedication to planetary health

Code Blue is a term that indicates a patient's need for resuscitation. Jo began this conference by explaining how our invaluable Earth is in need of this metaphorical resuscitation. Jo stated, "The effects of climate change are experienced globally, and they are deeply affecting us here in Minnesota with wildfires, flooding, higher temperatures, and extreme storms." To mitigate this impending crisis, Jo encouraged climate advocacy and community conversation with elected environmental officials.

NAM's Earth Day Campaign

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) recognizes the climate crisis as an urgent public health issue that takes millions of lives annually. For this reason, NAM uses Earth Day as an opportunity to advocate for this issue; Jo was invited because of her experience as a climate/health professional

For this campaign, Jo chose to speak about why integrating health and climate is necessary. Jo stated, "Health professionals must be at the forefront of climate action to inform and guide systems, change through policy initiatives, and promote change in individual behaviors that foster climate justice and equitable health outcomes." Jo also commented on the trust and leadership that nurses are capable of offering to assist with our climate crisis

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